Monday, January 16, 2012

The sense of life

This is a very deep and personal question to answer. I think that is essential that everyone asks themselves about it and some day they will find their own answer, giving real importance to their lives and giving real importance to the different ways that they take while they’re walking through it.

I believe that the life is a step that forms a part of something bigger. We don’t have to take it so serious, we have to enjoy moments and learn of our mistakes, no one is perfect. The sense of life belongs of the idea of living quiet, living calm. We don’t have to live looking forward the things that we want or the people that we want to meet. We have to learn how to live calm with ourselves, without forcing the things to happen, and when we achieve it, we will get to know what we want to know and we will find beautiful people and be surrounded of them. We have to remember always that happiness is not the object, is the way.

Life is good and depends of us to live it well. I think that we have to learn to take some risks; we have to avoid the idea of having an only vision. We can learn of different visions going out and seeing the world. I think that is good to share with other people, because everyone has something to show.

I think that the most important thing of the sense of life is to learn to wait, to be patient. With the time we understand that to hurry the things or to force them to happen will cause that, at the end, they will not be what we were waiting. And with the time we realize that actually the better thing was not the future, but the moment through that we were living just in this instant.

Take care!


  1. Pochiii, it's very true! the sense of life is to learn from the experiences and that people can be happy :)

  2. I like you said, in special about happiness, is true wich happiness can not be the finish... I think which no finish but that is on the way with its happines and penalties...