Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am going to speak about “Decimas ”, my favorite book. This book was written by Violeta Parra and is a autobiography in verse.

Violeta Parra is a very famous singer, painter, embroidery, ceramist and investigator of folcklore in Chile.

The book tell a story of her life narrated in poetry.

She is son of peasant and musician teacher, sister of poet and singers. His life was very sacrificed because she was very poor. She was born in San Carlos (Ñuble), in a center zone of Chile. When she had 12 years old write his first verses. In the beginning she worked in cirques and bars. Then in 1953 she begin to be more famous. In Radio Chilena she present her first compositions , songs to “ the human and to the divine”. Then she begins recitals for all Chile and participated in the Festival for the youth in Polonia and it records his first disc.

She exhibited her art around the world, in Buenos Aires Finlandia, Alemania, Italia, Francia etc… And in 1964 she exhibited en the Louvre museum.

This book is very interesting because speak about a greatest artist of Chile, and is very important to value the artist of our country.

My Favorite picture

This picture show a classmate Francisco in the desert of Atacama at sunset, is a very beautiful view and this is my favorite photography among many others.

This photography was taken in september of 2009 during archaeological campaign in the north of Chile.
Now this picture remember me a beautiful of the sunset, we can see all the colors of sun, I also like it because it shows the quiet attitudel of Francisco, he is thinking of something.

The desert of Chile is my favorite place, like me because is huge and many cultures of Sudamerica occupied the desert as a place to live and stablish social relationship with others cultures of the Perú, Bolivia and Argentina, relationship which included the coast of Pacific Ocean.

For archaeological research is a very interesting place because the arid of desert maintains intact the things for futures investigations.

My favorite Tech!

The notebook is my favorite article of tecnology.
I spend all the time, everywhere, always. The notebook is very important to me because I write all my activities, works, papers. In my career I need write so much.
Also, the notebook is very practical article because I can carry anywhere and I can connect to Wifi in malls, University, bar, library and so many places.

My notebook have a lot of positive characteristics, like, is small, portable, ligth, fast and wonderful to me.

I had my first notebook in the spring of 2008, was a gift of my dad in my birthday, I really liked the present of my dad because I needed it so much for the University homeworks.

Now, I have a new notebook, and is amazing because is more fast and with more capacity. However, I have a external memory for any problems with my notebook, it is very practical article.