Monday, January 23, 2012

A green life

I have conscience for the planet, in many different points of view. First of all, I have the conscience for us, for the human race, human civilization, and conscience for the planet, the earth and the universe. The destruction of the planet is horrible and is now when we have to change our minds and change our conscience.

In my house I have an orchard vegetable garden and with my mom we try to recycle the garbage, and much stuff that we have like newspaper, cardboard, clothes, aluminium cans, and others. I ride my bike very time I go to the University, to my friend’s houses, to the super, to the bank or to work. I don’t like to take the “Transantiago” bus or the subway. I think that is better to ride my bike, it’s healthier and I feel more free.

Right now I am not participating in environmental organizations, because I don’t really have time now; but one of my bigger dreams is to live in a community with different people, where we can work and live from what we work.

My idea is to build a house in the South of Chile, in a place near to Pucón that is called Palguín. I want to stay there and have a green life, taking energy from the sun and the air. I want to have an orchard vegetable garden, to work the land and have my own animals.

What I love the must in this world is to go out of Santiago city. I hate living there, I don’t like living with so many people because I feel like I don’t have my own space. That’s one of my main reasons to go to the South and have my own green area.

To reduce the carbon footprint, I ride my bike instead of using the car. I take short showers and I recycle everything I can.

I think that is very important to create awareness in the society. There is still so much to do every day for the planet, because it is really contaminated and we must radically have to change our habits to reduce the global pollution.


  1. If you go to the south of Chile, you totally must have a garden and cultivate your own food! I hate the dependence that the capitalist life generates.

  2. I liked your post!

    if you`re going to live Palguin, I`m going to visit and help you to make a vegetable garden!

  3. Going to live to the South sounds great...

  4. Pochi! your mom is a very special person! I have no doubt that she is happy with the organic garden!