Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love The Beatles.... is the best band of the History.

The first time I heard was this summer and has quickly became my favorite band of all.

This band is the most important Rock and Roll band in worlwide in English-language. This band born in Liverpool, England and its members are Jonh Lennon (Vocalist), Paul Mcarney (Bass player and vocalist), George Harrison(Guitarist) And Ringo Starr (Drummer).

One of my favorite songs of the Beatles is "While my guitar gently weeps", this song is very good in terms of composition of the guitar, bass player, and the lyrics are very melancholy and strong, this song reminds me of the importance of the real things in the life, and the importance of autonomy in life of people.

Everybody considers this band as the most important in rock and roll history, I do too!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello everybody!!!

1. Mi name is, Maria Olga Lagos, I’m student of Antropology with mention in Archaeogy, I’m in 5th grade, in University of Chile.

I love the Andean Archaeology, this topic interest me because during my carreer I must studied many diferent topics, like central chilean, South extreme, and others. But my professional goal is to dedicate me to work in this geographical area, because, the andean zone is especially atractive from many diferent ways for me.