Saturday, February 4, 2012


All the people around the world say this, “the end of the world is the 21 of December of 2012” citing the Maya´s prophesy, but I think a different thing about the 21 of December, I think the world will change, yes, but not for your destruction, not for the apocalypse, no, the people of the world will change with the planet, the change is about our conscience.

I think the end of the world not be as the television, news papers, or the religion says, those things are a big lie, for scare the people and this way controlled their minds , the people around the world walk sleep only thinking in unnecessary things about our life, and death all the time thinking in them, but some people in many differents countries are preparing the entire planet for the 2012.

on earth there are many beautiful people, conscious of earth, and now meny people with them, are awakening with the planet and all ab us keep the earth alive for the future generations.

The life in the earth is only a step in the way of our life, and concience.