Saturday, February 4, 2012


All the people around the world say this, “the end of the world is the 21 of December of 2012” citing the Maya´s prophesy, but I think a different thing about the 21 of December, I think the world will change, yes, but not for your destruction, not for the apocalypse, no, the people of the world will change with the planet, the change is about our conscience.

I think the end of the world not be as the television, news papers, or the religion says, those things are a big lie, for scare the people and this way controlled their minds , the people around the world walk sleep only thinking in unnecessary things about our life, and death all the time thinking in them, but some people in many differents countries are preparing the entire planet for the 2012.

on earth there are many beautiful people, conscious of earth, and now meny people with them, are awakening with the planet and all ab us keep the earth alive for the future generations.

The life in the earth is only a step in the way of our life, and concience.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A green life

I have conscience for the planet, in many different points of view. First of all, I have the conscience for us, for the human race, human civilization, and conscience for the planet, the earth and the universe. The destruction of the planet is horrible and is now when we have to change our minds and change our conscience.

In my house I have an orchard vegetable garden and with my mom we try to recycle the garbage, and much stuff that we have like newspaper, cardboard, clothes, aluminium cans, and others. I ride my bike very time I go to the University, to my friend’s houses, to the super, to the bank or to work. I don’t like to take the “Transantiago” bus or the subway. I think that is better to ride my bike, it’s healthier and I feel more free.

Right now I am not participating in environmental organizations, because I don’t really have time now; but one of my bigger dreams is to live in a community with different people, where we can work and live from what we work.

My idea is to build a house in the South of Chile, in a place near to Pucón that is called Palguín. I want to stay there and have a green life, taking energy from the sun and the air. I want to have an orchard vegetable garden, to work the land and have my own animals.

What I love the must in this world is to go out of Santiago city. I hate living there, I don’t like living with so many people because I feel like I don’t have my own space. That’s one of my main reasons to go to the South and have my own green area.

To reduce the carbon footprint, I ride my bike instead of using the car. I take short showers and I recycle everything I can.

I think that is very important to create awareness in the society. There is still so much to do every day for the planet, because it is really contaminated and we must radically have to change our habits to reduce the global pollution.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The sense of life

This is a very deep and personal question to answer. I think that is essential that everyone asks themselves about it and some day they will find their own answer, giving real importance to their lives and giving real importance to the different ways that they take while they’re walking through it.

I believe that the life is a step that forms a part of something bigger. We don’t have to take it so serious, we have to enjoy moments and learn of our mistakes, no one is perfect. The sense of life belongs of the idea of living quiet, living calm. We don’t have to live looking forward the things that we want or the people that we want to meet. We have to learn how to live calm with ourselves, without forcing the things to happen, and when we achieve it, we will get to know what we want to know and we will find beautiful people and be surrounded of them. We have to remember always that happiness is not the object, is the way.

Life is good and depends of us to live it well. I think that we have to learn to take some risks; we have to avoid the idea of having an only vision. We can learn of different visions going out and seeing the world. I think that is good to share with other people, because everyone has something to show.

I think that the most important thing of the sense of life is to learn to wait, to be patient. With the time we understand that to hurry the things or to force them to happen will cause that, at the end, they will not be what we were waiting. And with the time we realize that actually the better thing was not the future, but the moment through that we were living just in this instant.

Take care!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

China's tomb raiders laying waste to thousands of years of history

Bulldozers and dynamite used to strip priceless artefacts from remote sites, with booty sold on to wealthy collectors

China's tomb raiders laying waste to thousands of years of history
Bulldozers and dynamite used to strip priceless artefacts from remote sites, with booty sold on to wealthy collectors

Tania Branigan, special correspondent in Beijing, told us about a complicated situation that takes place in the archaeological excavations realized in China during the last 20 years, a problem that could be critical and irreversible if the government and the police don’t do something about it, the strip of priceless artifacts from ancient tombs, and the consequent destroy of the structure and historical patrimony.
During the last years, the police and the government of China, stepped up their operations against this organizations of tomb thieves, but there are so many facts that turns very difficult this mission. In first place, the opened up of China’s economy create a huge international and domestic black market, that sale part of the most ancient treasures. The other thing that makes the problem bigger is the continuous process of professionalizing of the tomb thieves gangs, increasing the number of thieves with a huge expertise, and the use of heavy equipment, included bulldozers and TNT.
A high number of archaeologists say that they are finding many tombs that were empty and destroyed, and this fact affect the archeologist profession because the archaeological site is devastated and that means that they are not able to work there anymore, preventing from continuing the investigation. The cultural patrimony begins to vanish and this makes decline our profession.
I think that is very important to apply strong governmental politics to decrease the archaeological damages to the patrimonial sites. This is not only important in China, it is important in the whole world, including countries as ours, because there has to be a cultural change in people’s minds.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

A confused dream

I woke up that morning feeling really strange. I didn’t know exactly what it was but I felt like a dream, yes, it was a dream, a really confused dream.

It all started when I went to a very deep wood and I ran so fast in among different types of giant trees because I had these fear of something or someone, so I ran for a long time. After that, I arrived to a little cave and I came in, it was really dark there but I had one flashlight in my backpack so I took the light and walked for the corridor. Then I saw a sun light, it was the end of the cave but in the end it was a cliff so high, I really had fear in these moment, so I only had one option: jump to the sea, and when I jump I flew and then I went to the horizon flying. I turned around and I saw the cave which it was still closer to me. I realized that in the cave was a dragon with a big red eyes staring at me. I went down the sea and I started to swam in the deep ocean. I came back to my home and the dragon left me alone. After that I woke up.....

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hello classmates! Today I want to share with you the country that I would love to go.

First of all, I love to travel. It is one of the important things in life that I love to do. I think that travels make us grow a lot, changing our world vision and getting to know different people, their cultures and their places.

When I think about travelling somewhere I mostly think about South American countries. That is because I would like to get to know our neighbor countries first, and their cultures, and after knowing it, I would like to go to other places like Europe.

I would really like to go to Colombia, because I have heard nice comments about it and I have always had this idea about Colombia as a very beautiful country. It is recognized by his cultural diversity and for being one of the countries with the richest biodiversity of the entire world, and that is really interesting for me. Also, Colombia is the only nation of South America that has coasts in the ocean Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea.

I really hope to get the chance to go there someday. If I go, I would like to do many things there, but one of the most important: I would like to go to the Amazonian zone of Colombia and it national parks. I have friends that went there and they said that it was so beautiful and interesting. I think that it’s a place where I have to go, because it is absolutely new for me, different from my reality, and I could learn a lot from it. It seems to be a wonderful experience. I prefer that kind of places that are not too touristic. I like to travel on my own way; I don’t like doing travelling tours or things like that.

I don’t think I would like to live or study there, mainly because I am doing fine here and I would not like to be far away from my family and friends. I would love to go to Colombia, but just for travelling.

One day I will go to Colombia and I will tell you about it!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello classmates! Today I am going to speak of something that the people, in general, are not accustomed to speak about: love. The people I know are not around asking others what they think of love, may be because it seems to be a term too abstract, may be because it's too private, or may be because they don't feel comfortable talking about it with everybody. There could be a lot of different reasons, but...what is my opinion about love?

In my opinion, love involves many different emotions. In general, the people have this close vision about love associating it with a couple, but I think that love is a lot more than that. The love can manifest itself in different ways. I mean, I absolutely can love my couple, but I can love my parents and my friends too.

There’s not an only definition of love, because we live so many moments in life, and we can feel a lot of different emotions with people in different circumstances. I think that we don’t have to try to understand love; we only have to feel it and enjoy it when we are feeling it, because it’s one of the most beautiful feelings that life has.

Everything we need is love, and it’s everywhere. It’s that kind of things that come when we are not looking for it.

See you guys!